On March 26, 2019, a public session was held at the Fund of Funds, where the final tenders of the participants in the competitive procedure were opened with a contract for the award of a public procurement contract entitled “Implementation of a Financial Instrument for” Shared-Risk Microcredit ” funded by the Operational Program “Human Resources Development” 2014-2020 (OPHRD).

SIS CREDIT AD is one of the three companies that have expressed their willingness to participate in the procedure.

The total budget of the OPHRD for the financial instrument amounts to BGN 26.4 million. The funds will be provided in the form of microcredit and aim to support the creation and development of start-ups and social enterprises. The facility will also support enterprises owned by individuals from certain vulnerable groups (unemployed over 6 months, young people up to 29 years old and people with disabilities).

Eligible funding activities cover the following parameters: Acquisition of tangible and intangible long-term and short-term assets to develop or expand the business of the enterprise / self-employed person or coverage of others. expenses related to the main business activity; working capital for development or expansion of activity; specific and professional training of employees / workers or entrepreneur / self-employed person.

At present, SIS CREDIT AD is the beneficiary of the first public procurement of the Facility and more than 30 projects of start-ups and social enterprises are funded.