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Make credits wisely

For the third consecutive year, Sys Credit is a partner of the Borrow wisely 2018 campaign (ie take credit wisely).

This is an international campaign that aims to educate people financially about prudent borrowing (including how to determine the real cost of a loan, what to pay attention to when signing a credit agreement, how to calculate how much free money you have per month, what are the hidden fees used by creditors, etc.). The campaign is being organized for the third consecutive year in October by the Microfinance Center ( We hope the campaign will reap success, will have real positive results and we will be glad to support you in the good endeavor!

In this connection, there are three main things that we should pay attention to:

1) The financial literacy of the Bulgarians – to be able to plan their budget, the circumstances in which credit is needed, the weight of the borrowing,

2) Transparent conditions in the credit market

3) Responsible lending – Awareness of all non-bank financial institutions on the need to analyze the creditworthiness of the client; In this respect, a very important standard is the analysis of the target spending of the requested loan;

The lack of these factors in the market leads to over-indebtedness, the prevention of which the “take credit prudently” campaign.

The key issues for the client to get an answer before withdrawing a loan are:

1) Do I really need credit (many people find it difficult to define the difference between “I want something” and “I need something”)

2) Take the time to explore the creditors and offers that each of them offers you (a wrong choice can bring you a lot of trouble in the future)

3) Do not rush to get the money! Read the draft contract and the terms and conditions of the company from which you have decided to withdraw credit (however hidden fees have been written there); Do you have any penalties and if so what size?

4) From the outset, ask who to contact with the institution, if you have a complaint, tell who protects your rights,

5) Remember that lower interest does not mean -white credit.

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