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Customer rights

Rules of the clients of SIS CREDIT AD

1. To be treated with respect and understanding by all employees of Sys Credit;

2. To ensure the confidentiality and protection of their personal data;

3. To repay their loan in advance in part or in full without any penalties for this, including giving up a consumer credit contract (loans to individuals over BGN 400) without giving any reason, within 14 days of signing by returning the sum borrowed and the interest accrued for those days;

4. Receive information about the obligation throughout the contract period, which includes: Free Certificate (not more than once a month) and without limitation an oral report by the servicing employee every working day between 9 and 18;

5. Submission of a Request for non-charging of penalties in case of reasonable cause of late payment and no more than one installment arrears, depositing it in an office of SIS Credit;

6. If late payment is received, they will be consulted on the payment options from now on by the servicing employee;

7. Submit a complaint or complaint about fraud, fraud, fraud or remarks to the institution as a whole directly to the Internal Control Department via: email: or with an official letter at: 1000 1000, Vitosha Blvd. , floor 2 and rely on the prompt and timely resolution of the problem;

8. Receive any information that is of interest to them in making an informed decision when signing a Loan Agreement in a language available to them by the employees of the Credit Credit; This information can be obtained from both an office employee and the lending experts at a head office.

9. Receive a Standard European form containing cost information before entering into a consumer credit agreement;

10. Submit a complaint to the Consumer Protection Commission in cases of violations found under the Consumer Protection Act;

11. Receive free consultation from the employees of the Credit Credit to what extent the loan is appropriate, what are the alternatives for the client and the risks of over-indebtedness;

12. Receive free consultation from companies in the SIS Financial Group;

The high standard of service

We aim to provide our customers with quality service and to be fully informed when choosing the right financing for them. For us it is important that the relationship between the Creditor and the Borrower is built on the foundations of trust, loyalty and ethics.

SIS CREDIT supports the global initiative The Smart Campaign, which urges financial institutions to focus their business on the client.

That is why we believe that to become aware of the rights, the document we have done for you and describes your basic rights as our client is the first step towards a more transparent and responsible financing by the non-bank financial institutions in Bulgaria.

Get to know your rights and ask for more than your financial institutions – they exist for you!

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