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Business credit

Business credit

SIS CREDIT offers loans to micro and small enterprises and to enterprising Bulgarians willing to start their own business, which are not suitable for receiving a bank loan. We offer individual solutions to solve any problem facing your business by carefully responsing your understanding of your ideas in order to be as useful as possible in choosing the most appropriate credit product and the necessary additional services.

Why choose us?

– Flexible reimbursement scheme according to the capabilities of your business

– Real business analysis to determine payment options

– Possibility to repay the principal on the loan at the end of the period

– No fee for full or partial early repayment

– Monthly fixed interest rate- No monthly management fee

– No fee for examination of the documents

– No fee for valuation of properties

– Wide range of accepted collateral

– No restriction for the financed economic sectors

– Credit history of the client is not Essential Approval

– You will receive an answer if you are approved within 1-2 business days


Funding is provided with funds under Operational Program “Human Resources Development 2014-2020”, co-financed by ESF.

SIS Credit offers loans for start-up micro enterprises with the financial support of the Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria.

Funding is appropriate for entrepreneurs who have not yet launched their business venture or started up more than 24 months from the date of applying for a loan. Additional relief is provided for disadvantaged people and people from vulnerable groups. The program primarily finances existing and emerging social enterprises.

For your “Flying Start” in Business, we offer:

– Amounts: from 5000 to 48895 BGN

– Fixed annual interest rate: from 2.7% to 7.05% (depending on the group you are in)

– No fees for applying for and managing the loan – No fees for full or partial early repayment

– Term : up to 60 months (for working loans) and up to 120 months (for investment loans)

– Possibility for up to 2 years grace period for payment of principal

* person of vulnerable group (disabled person, unemployed person more than 6 months, up to 29 years of age)

* social enterprise (the activity is social, rather than generating profit)

CREDIT under the KOSME + Program

The product is targeted at SMEs with a guarantee facility and a counter-guarantee under the EIF COSME Program, with the support of the European Strategic Investment Fund – (KOSME + Program)

SIS Credit offers financing to SMEs supported by a bank guarantee provided by the COSME mechanism of the European Investment Fund and the European Strategic Investment Fund established under the Investment for Europe Plan. The funding is intended to provide SMEs with access to bank guarantees and loans. Funding under the KOSME + Program provides for simplified requirements for the provision of loans / bank guarantees to SMEs, as well as additional incentives for entrepreneurs who give the chance to work for people who are at risk of social exclusion and seeking their integration into society through the realization of ” Projects with Social Impact “.

To develop your business, we offer:

– Amounts: to the equivalent of BGN 150,000.
– Interest: 3M Euribor + flat rate of 5.7%
– Fee for and management of the loan 1.5% per annum
– No fees for full or partial early repayment
– Deadline: from 12 months to 84 months
– Possibility for a grace period of up to 12 months for payment of principal.

The product is designed for micro, small and medium-sized businesses with a real business business that need fast financing to use for a short period of time. In addition to working capital, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to buy new equipment and equipment to optimize your business processes. Through this product, we also offer you the opportunity to finance under bad credit history, cover outstanding debt, refinance unfavorable credit obligations, and repay tax liabilities.

What we offer – Amount of 1 000 BGN. up to BGN 30 000.

– Monthly installments including principal and interest

– Grace period in line with the cash flows of the company

– Equal capital installments

– Possibility of an individual repayment schedule with deferred principal at maturity (end date of repayment)

– Against collateral: Movable or immovable property

– You will get a quick answer if we will fund you – within 1-2 business days

– We will analyze your real business to determine your payment options

– One-time management fee borrowing at the amount of 1.5%

– No other credit fees

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